pure luck
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pure luck


I can still can find you
in your perfect words,

but maybe you don’t
remember mine.

Maybe you’ve forgotten
all of my honest poetry,

or maybe you’ve lost track
of years worth of time.

Yet, to me, you have always
been those full, perfect pages,
where my memory remains,

though for you, maybe I’m
simply a torn-out page
ruined by an awful stain.


I understand
that you’re tired
and that you might go
away, but please don’t
go away without telling
me you’re going away.

10:00 p.m.

I climbed shelves to sit
beside you on a brand new
couch—we were shot down,
but we kept pulling through,
we stayed and kissed each
other, we were something new.

You held me, you’ve been my
healer, and you are important,
you are my fellow dreamer.

Anonymous ASKED:

Your eyes hold all the stars. I'll look you in them as I kiss all your scars. ( yes, breakfast please .)

yes, you’re the one. Come to me, please. I’ll be waiting with kisses and tea.

Anonymous ASKED:

My emptiness consumes like like locust to the harvest. I'm hungry for affection and now a days I'm starving. I cannot get passed this without walking a mile in the worn shoes I have just to see your smile. Hoping for something and never succeeding, my emptiness consumes again, and this time I'm screaming. Hoping for you, I can't shake the feeling of the love and devotion, forever carrying me drifting like the ocean. (p.s. I'm a different anon. I just want you to know you make me smile.)

Wanna get breakfast?

Anonymous ASKED:

So you ARE technically single?

Technically, you’re super right! Write me poetry and send me a good morning text and I’m all yours. Oh, and include coffee at some point. KISSEZ

Anonymous ASKED:

I've always wondered if you're single x

You probably found me through Grindr, didn’t you?

Empty stillness

It was never worth it, trying
desperately to connect with
someone, something. I call it
wanting some novelty, but I’m
out here alone every morning.

I’m cold, I miss, I’m missing,
people that I’ve never even seen.

Last poem

If you could read my mind,
you know I’d now be lonely,

though I wouldn’t think
about someone afraid to
fall into something deeper.

This poem doesn’t deserve you.