If this is like any of my
other attempts then
I’ll have more obvious
questions and need a lot
more wine. It’s been ten
years and it feels fine, but
I know you’re still sick,
so I’ll try to find maybe
another quick fix, while
behind the half-smiles
and pale eyes, you’ll be
getting worse, and I’m
digressing from it now
but I really need that wine.

Anonymous ASKED:

Hello, may I ask who PB is?

one of my greatest loves

Anonymous ASKED:

A line break doesn't make something poetic or pretty or anything. If something is uncreative sentimental garbage it is still uncreative sentimental garbage if it is broken/like/this.

Oh, that’s unfortunate
because I thought that
this enjambment would
really impress assholes
like you.

Anonymous ASKED:

I say it a lot but I love your work, there is just so much damn beauty in everything you write. Your blog is a breath of fresh air. It's a reminder of pain from the past but it reminds me of things that once made me happy. Thanks again.

Thanks so much, man! I’m glad that I can provide something therapeutic for you, though it is true that being reminded of pain from the past does not come with an easy consciousness. Still, I’m happy that I can provide relief in turn. I hope you continue to find something worth seeing/reading here :)

Anonymous ASKED:

What's a really important part of being in a relationship for you? X

Saying good morning

Anonymous ASKED:

How many different people do you write about?

A few, which is very important for me to note I think. For example, I wouldn’t be asking for the hand of someone I want to say goodbye to (my last two poems). If you pay attention, you’ll find patterns, if you’re interested.

Give me your hand

Give me your hand—

let me take you out
of mourning.

Follow me to a place
where we could
step of out of
woeful poetry

and into gardens
where there are flowers
hanging over fences,
and we could be
carelessly happy.

I don’t believe I’m
wrong but come
with me
and see.

Dear Tumblr friends,

Don’t be afraid to share more about yourself on here—write poetry, create art, make videos, take photos. Post more personal posts—funny anecdotes, silly conversations, social commentary. Write reviews of television shows, musicians, concerts, films. Give your opinion on politics, sexuality, world affairs, justice. Don’t be afraid to get involved! It’s so refreshing to see a bit of your day on this forum, a bit of you to savor.


To be quite honest,
I’d love nothing more
than to keep loving you—

you could love me
even just half as much
and this is still what
I would choose to do.